Thank You For Being.

To the 7 of you with whom I have the luxury of maintaining close personal relationships with. To the 7 billion of you whom I hardly know, riding in the same living space rock. To the tens of thousands of you I’ve met in passing, and to the ~127 friends, colleagues, and family with whom I subconsciously consider my tribe. To everyone who has come to teach, and to everyone who will come to learn. 


Thank you

to everyone who supports me.

This year’s insights:

  1. When I share my authentic perspective, despite my fear of being judged for expressing unconventional ideas, I find existential freedom in just being. 

  2. Every choice I make affects my future and my environment. Agency is a belief that I hold a responsibility to be aware of my impact for my future self and for others.

  3. I find that there are as many methods of meditation as there are of physical exercise, and different methods have different affects on “consciousness fitness” - some great for focus, some great for anxiety. I prefer 6 Phase Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani through the Quest app because it seems to push all the right buttons, it’s free, and I feel like a better version of myself.

  4. I’ve come to understand integrity as structure of character more than judgement, good or bad. Intentional living requires values, purpose, and commitment to something greater than myself.

  5. Pain can be an emotional catalyst for growth, but it never feels like that in the moment. I personally struggle with basing my own sense of self worth on external validation. Recognizing this requires me to push past my comfort zone and re-examine long held assumptions and beliefs. 

  6. Compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, and happiness are skills which can be developed with practice. Asking for help is easier when I remember that I like offering help when I can, and others do too.

  7. The media I consume and the people who I associate with have an enormous influence on who I am. Prioritizing healthy relationships and a well-balanced information diet keeps me aware of my influences.

  8. Living beneath my means prevents the things I own from owning me. When I view money as a measure of value provided to others and responsibility correlated with capability, then it doesn’t feel limiting and my relationship with it changes from prisoner to steward.

  9. Always take dance breaks.


Since last year, CreateAR has launched and grown into a new kind of entertainment technology company. My business partner inspires me daily, and our team is a force of nature. I became a patent author, I spoke at MIT, USC, and atop the Swiss Alps. I traveled to four countries, read dozens of books, started acrylic painting, took up lifestyle photography, and my digital shader artwork is debuting along side Android Jones next month. I have a loving family and enjoy an extraordinary loving partnership in my community of Alameda.

I am grateful for it all - and I know just like the challenging times, this too shall pass. So best to be here now and experience life in the moment.

Thank you for being, and thank you for seeing me.