About Ray Kallmeyer

Ray Kallmeyer is a game director and technical entrepreneur with the mission of inspiring people to develop healthy relationships with technology. In 2016 Ray co-founded CreateAR in San Francisco and currently serves at its CEO.

A lifelong learner and autodidact, Ray has presented at MIT, USC, Abundance 360, Burning Man, and Singularity University regarding augmented reality's role in empowering the re-imagination of our daily lives.

An expert witness with a patent for hands-free interaction technology, he codes in several languages, plays a few musical instruments, and enjoys waxing poetic on the confluence of consciousness, theoretical physics, and holography.


Public Speaking

  • February 2018, UVU UX Design Lab at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA.
  • January 2018, XR Lab at USC, Los Angelis, CA.
  • January 2018, Marketing in AR/VR, VRAR Association Webinar.
  • January 2018, ARIA at MIT, Cambridge, MA.
  • September 2017, Bigelow Forum, Portsmouth, NH.
  • September 2017, SNHU, Boston, MA.
  • June 2017- Singularity University, Mountain View, CA.
  • May 2017- Stanford SCIEN AR Conference, Stanford, CA.
  • April 2017- ARBA Meetup, San Francisco, CA.
  • February 2017- GE Ventures All Hands, San Mateo, CA.
  • January 2017- Abundance 360, Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills, CA.
  • September 2016- Google Tiltbrush, San Francisco, CA.
  • August 2016- Burners without Borders, Blackrock City, NM.
  • July 2016- Hive Global Leaders Program, San Francisco, CA.